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Jan Cosgrove
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PlayAction was Fair Play for Children’s printed magazine in the early years of 2000’s. Also, this page features other FPfC news stories over the years

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PlayAction YEAR BOOK 2007

Annual Report 2008

Child Bondage Continues in Indian Cotton Supply Chain

Play Abstracts March 2008

PlayAction OnLine Number 1, 6th March 2008

PlayAction OnLine Number 2 31st March 2008

PlayAction OnLine Special Edition, 3rd April 2008

PlayAction OnLine Number 3, 13th April 2008

PlayAction OnLine Number 4, 7th May 2008

Annual Report 2007–08

PlayAction OnLine Number 5 , 30th May 2008

PlayAction OnLine 16th June 2008

PlayAction OnLine Number 7, 7th July 2008

PlayAction OnLine Number 8, 18th July 2008

Time for Play — DCMS Guide

Play Policy in the Children’s Plan A summary

PlayAction Online 26th July 2008

Children’s Play Review: Feedback to children and young people

Making children’s lives more active

Fair Play for Children 1st October 2008 David Cameron Speech: CRB Gibe Slammed

The Good Play Space Guide: “I can play too”

September 2007 Play England: draft response to Staying safe

Fair Play for Children PlayAction Policy Brief The Mosquito Anti-Teen Device

30th October 2008: Hartford, USA Perez Renews Youth Curfew In City

30th October 2008 Parents ‘wrong’ on child weight

30th October 2008 U.N. panel tells Britain to improve child protection

30th October 2008 Top executive predicts catastrophic effect of ‘knee jerk’ ban on unhealthy meals for pupils

30th October 2008 PLAY ROUND-UP UK


31st October 2008 Free childcare for families to get back in to work

1st November 2008 Trick-or-treat boy killed in US

1st November 2008 Play Priority Area Signs

1st November 2008 Egypt school beating ‘kills boy’

1st November 2008 Early assessments help to identify children at risk of blighted adulthoods

1st November 2008 Clubs get youth football reprieve

1st November 2008 Council of Europe criticises UK human rights record on juvenile justice

2nd November 2008 CABE Calls for End to KFC Play Spaces


2nd November 2008 Premature children 4 times more likely to have behavioral disorders

2nd November 2008 US smashes child prostitute rings

3rd November 2008 The hidden offenders

3rd November 2008 Teen smacking surprises NSPCC

3rd November 2008 Immigrants’ centre set up to keep children out of detention to shut

3rd November 2008 Boy, eight, freed from detention centre after legal challenge

3rd November 2008 Data on children’s activity levels exaggerated

3rd November 2008 Schools warned of pupils hooked on energy drinks

3rd November 2008 Same old story on youth crime and youth justice policy

4th November 2008 Action for Kids disappointed NCH name change is to go ahead

This is our news archive recovery to date, more to follow!



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