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(35) Quantum Entanglement Directly Seen on a Large Scale For The First Time — YouTube

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Last Monday, College Republicans launched a smear campaign against Associated Press news associate Emily Wilder for her pro-Palestinian activism as a college student.

The attacks were immediately picked up by conservative news outlets like Fox News and right-wing politicians like Sen. Tom Cotton.

Just two days later, Emily Wilder was fired.

Wilder’s firing has sparked a major backlash, with more than 100 AP staff signing an open letter condemning the decision. But The Intercept obtained memos from AP executives to staff doubling down and standing by the decision.

It’s not just AP reporters fearing for their jobs if they dare challenge Israeli policy. The Intercept reported that at least three Canadian journalists at major news outlets have been taken off the Middle East beat after signing an open letter criticizing pro-Israel bias in Canadian newsrooms. And we disclosed how journalists in Australia who also signed a letter on Israel-Palestine coverage are being told that they might not have their contracts renewed.

With at least 264 Palestinians, including at least 66 children, and 13 Israelis killed in the most recent wave of violence, critical reporting that challenges the pro-Israel consensus has never been more necessary. Yet mainstream outlets have continued to stick to the old playbook, holding reporters to an outdated notion of objectivity that favors the status quo.

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