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Jan Cosgrove
39 min readJun 6, 2022


September 2022

Childcare use for families of 0–4 year-olds, 5–11 year olds and 12–14 year-olds, awareness and use of free entitlements, and perceptions of the rising cost of living


FDA staff endorse Moderna, Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for young kids


Return to Office Is Being Threatened by a Child Care Crisis in Australia


Nosing in on kids who had COVID-19 and lost their sense of smell


Girl, 5, turned away from school because her adoptive parents are same-sex


Experts give reasons for high number of stunted children in Nigeria


Audit finds variation in children’s allergy services across the UK


August 2022

Ultra-processed foods make up almost two-thirds of Britain’s school meals

Why world’s first malaria shot won’t reach millions of children who need it

UK Childcare Enrollments Jump After Squeeze on Household Income


Children’s Dishes at Big UK Restaurant Chains ‘Unacceptably High’ in Salt, Group Warns

July 2022

New Tory education minister attacked free school meals as ‘nationalising children’


Baby Formula Industry Successfully Lobbied to Weaken Bacteria Safety Testing Standards

‘Inconsistent and unfair’ DfE funding for pupils from Ukraine, council warns


Girls closing STEM gender gap but biases persist, UNESCO report finds


MPs investigate Government’s proposed changes to post-16 education


Boys Are at Greater Risk of Dropping Out of School, Unesco Warns


UNICEF and WHO warn of perfect storm of conditions for measles outbreaks, affecting children

(1012) Vaccines for every child in Ukraine I UNICEF — YouTube

Drop in Vaccines Exposes Latin American Children to Disease, Report Shows

In Bucharest, A UNICEF-Supported School For Ukrainian Refugee Children

South Africa’s no-fee school system can’t undo inequality — Child in the City

Council apologises after boy with high level needs was left without a school place for eight weeks — V2 Radio

More than one-third of Year 6 children in West Sussex are overweight or obese — V2 Radio

Just for Kids Law partners with law firms to offer free legal advice and representation over exclusions, opens London unit



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