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Council of Europe policy review on child and youth participation 2010?2011

The overall objective for the review is (a) to provide member states with an analysis of the extent to which legislation and policy in their country complies with the rights in the UN Convention of the rights of the child pertaining to children and young people?s participation and influence in decision?making; (b) to give member states advice and recommendations that will help them to implement international and national provisions on child and youth participation in practice; © to work towards a comparative framework in the field of child and youth participation in different member states and identify ?parameters? of participation.

- Council of Europe -

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Passing Time

This is a report about young people and communities. It explores how young people talk about their community and the activities and support they want to see provided out of school. It starts by focusing on young people in just one neighbourhood and ends by using their experiences to look at how well teenagers are provided for across England. It argues that providing good services and activities for teenagers is vital for building strong communities that feel safe, vibrant and supportive for everyone.

Laura Edwards and Becky Hatch December 2003 — IPPR -

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Young People in Britain: 2003

This report describes the findings of the 2003 Young Peopleâ??s Social Attitudes survey, a survey of 12 to 19 year olds. The interviews were carried out in connection with the British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey, an annual survey of adults aged 18 and over. Research Report No 564

Alison Park, Miranda Phillips and Mark Johnson — Department for Education and Skills -

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Youth Sport vs. Youth Crime

Evidence that youth engaged in organized sport are not likely to participate in criminal activities

David Carmichael — -



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