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Children Transport and the Quality of Life

This seminal Report brings together various contributions examining the loss of freedom to access their environments on their own over a period of decades.

Meyer Hillman — Policy Studies Institure -

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Children’s Development from a Cultural/Historical Approach: Children’s Activity in Everyday Local Settings

HMCA1074–90391532–7884Mind, Culture, and Activity, Vol. 16, №1, November 2008: pp. 1?34nd, Culture, and Activity as Foundation for Their Development

A central dilemma in developmental psychology has been to combine general concepts with research of the individual child in all her complexity in everyday life activities. Psychologists such as Riegel, Bronfenbrenner, Burman, Morss, Hedegaard, and Walkerdine have criticized research approaches that study child development from a functional view. Sociologists and anthropologists, such as Corsaro, James, Jenks, Prout, and Qvotrup have instead argued for childhood studies as the alternative to developmental psychology. None of these approaches is alone sufficient; instead, it is important to formulate a theoretical approach of child and youth development that combines general psychological concepts with research of children and youth in concrete settings, such as home or school.

Mariane Hedegaard Copenhagen University — This article is a revision of the presentation from the First ISCAR Congress, Seville, Spain, 2005. -

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CPSC Passes Final Interpretive Rule on Definition of “Children’s Products”

After lengthy debate the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approved a Final Interpretive Rule on applying the term ?children?s product? used in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). The rule is designed to provide manufacturers, importers and other interested parties a ?better understanding? of how the Agency evaluates whether an item is a children?s product and, therefore, subject to special requirements under the CPSIA.

- www.bryancave.com -

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The research is based on five years’ data covering over 120,000 child road casualties and is the first time that such a detailed study has been conducted. The findings indicate that children living in Preston are more than twice as likely to be injured on the road than the national average, and five times more likely than those in Kensington & Chelsea.

The Contribution of Newborn Health to Child Mortality across England

by NCMD Programme | Jul 14, 2022


The Archaeology of Postwar Childhood in Rose Macaulay’s The World My Wilderness

Beryl Pong 20 Pages 2 Files ▾Archaeology, Ruins, Bildungsroman,

London Blitz, Rose Macaulay

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