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The Archaeology of Postwar Childhood in Rose Macaulay’s The World My Wilderness_



Conference presentation

Radhika Howorth — Radhika Howorth -

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Positive Verbal Environments — Setting the Stage for Young Children?s Social Development

With a renewed interest among educators in children?s self-perceptions and the development of social interaction skills, the concept of the verbal environment, formulated by Kostelnik, Stein, and Whiren (1988) more than 20 years ago, is worth revisiting .

Darrell Meece and Anne K. Soderman — Young Children ? September 2010 -

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The Children and Young Peopleâ??s Plan (England) Regulations 2005

“Each authority in England shall, in accordance with these Regulations, prepare and publish a plan (referred to in these Regulations as a children and young peopleâ??s plan) setting out the authorityâ??s strategy for discharging their functions in relation to children and relevant young persons.”

- HM Stationery Office -

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The Children Fund — First Wave Partnerships

Evaluation of the Children Fund’s work in England and Wales by Ofsted, The Audit Commission and the Social Services Inspectorate. 2003

- HMSO -

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The Children’s Plan — Summary

“The Childrenâ??s Plan sets out our plans for the next ten years under each of the Department for Children, Schools and Familiesâ?? strategic objectives, with a chapter at the end looking at how we will make these reforms happen.”

- Department for Children Schools and Families -

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The Children?s Fund First wave partnerships

Between September 2002 and March 2003, 18 first wave partnerships were inspected. The inspections took place at an early stage in the development of the fund and the visits lasted around two days. Thirteen partnerships were inspected by one of Her Majesty?s Inspectors of Schools (HMI) and a member of the Social Services Inspectorate (SSI). Two visits were made by an HMI and a member of the Audit Commission Inspection Service. Three visits were made by only HMI. A full description of the methods used in the inspection is included in annex B at the end of this report. This report reviews the findings of these visits. Inspectors made judgements about the outcomes, activities, planning and management of each programme. In addition, the outcomes, activities, planning and management of each service visited were evaluated.

2003 — Audit Commission, Ofsted, Social Services Inspectorate -

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