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Barnardo’s independent review into the sexual abuse perpetrated by Higgins when he had links with, and was in the employ of, Southampton Football Club.

November 2021 Final report produced by Linda Richardson, Safeguarding Consultant and Julie Dugdale, Head of Business, Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy.



Theo Sandfort

Elmhurst, NY: Global Academic Publishers (1987)


CEOP Report Review 2010–2011 and Centre Plan 2011–2012

from The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre

- CEOP -

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Child abuse and neglect in the UK today

Lorraine Radford, Susana Corral, Christine Bradley, Helen Fisher, Claire Bassett, Nick Howat and Stephan Collishaw

This report presents new research findings from the NSPCC on child maltreatment in the United Kingdom, looking specifically at the prevalence and impact of severe maltreatment. We found that the rates of child maltreatment reported by young adults aged 18–24 were lower in 2009
than in 1998, suggesting maltreatment may be less prevalent today. However, significant minorities of children and young people in the UK today are experiencing severe maltreatment and this is associated with poorer emotional wellbeing, self-harm, suicidal ideation and delinquent behaviour.



CHILD PROTECTION IN PLAY Information Pack for Responsible Officers

Pack for Responsible Officers Participating in the Umbrella Scheme operated by Fair Play for Children within the CRB and ISA systems

Jan Cosgrove — Fair Play for Children -

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Hints and Allegations

Child Protection in Organised Settings: The Lessons from Penn State Questions re Jimmy Savile and UK Institutional Abuse This Report is published as a spate of revelations about the late Sir Jimmy Savile relating to abuse in institutions in the UK have come to light. The simple premise of this report is to argue for a wide-ranging inquiry set up by the Government to examine the whole question of such abuse in UK institutions.

Jan Cosgrove — Fair Play for Children -

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Historic Cases Review of Roy Cotton and Colin Pritchard

Review of cases of 2 Anglican priests in the Chichester Diocese of the Church of England

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss — -

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Independent Review into Child Sexual Abuse in Football 1970–2005 Clive Sheldon QC 2021

Following the publication of Andy Woodward’s disclosure of child sexual abuse to Daniel Taylor at The Guardian on November 16th 2016, and the immediate wave of disclosures by others who had played football as young boys, the FA asked me to carry out a review into what took place in football in the period from 1970 to 2005


Investigation into allegations related to Jimmy Saville and Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital

A report for Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
April 2014


ISA Referral Guidance

The Independent Safeguarding Authority?s (ISA) Referral Guidance is for use when considering or making a referral. ? there is harm or risk of harm to children or vulnerable adults, relevant conduct has occurred or ? an individual has received a caution or conviction for a relevant offence. This Guidance will help employers, personnel suppliers, volunteer coordinators and other bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to: ? understand their duties to refer information to the ISA under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 (2006 Act) and the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (Northern Ireland) Order 2007 (2007 Order); ? understand ISA referral policies and processes; and ? complete the ISA Referral Form.

- Independent Safeguarding Authority? -

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

This guidance is critical because LGBT youth are at heightened risk of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, particularly in secure settings. In addition, LGBT youth represent up to 20 percent of detained youth ? a far greater percentage than their share of the general population. Although the guide is chiefly aimed at promoting the health and well-being of LGBT youth, its recommendations will benefit all justice-involved youth by exposing and challenging bias, promoting mutual respect and increasing professionalism. The recommendations in the guide are also consistent with core JDAI strategies.

Shannan Wilber, youth policy director at the National Center for Lesbian Rights. — The Annie E. Casey Foundation -

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Mental Health Psychosocial and Child Protection for Syrian Adolescent Refugees in Jordan

As the number of Syrians in Jordan has steadily increased over the last three
years, tensions between the Syrian refugee and Jordanian communities have emerged, particularly among adults who are struggling with limited resources to manage the increase in housing rents copupled with a lack of income driven opportunities. However, few studies have examined the experience of adolescent Syrian refugees in Jordan. As of August 2014, about 52% of the Syrian population in Jordan is aged 0–17 years old, with about 14% between 12–17 years old, making Syrian adolescents integral significant demographic group par within the community. June 2014


Pedophilia debate with the Greens: “We are ashamed for this failure”

1980s abuse in the German Green Party. Der Spiegel



The concept of intelligence-led policing underpins all aspects of policing, from neighbourhood policing and partnership work to the investigation of serious and organised crime and terrorism. Within the framework of the National Intelligence Model, the effective and efficient collection, recording, dissemination and retention of information allows for the identification of material which can be assessed for intelligence value and enables decision-making about priorities and tactical options. Where information has been derived from human sources, whether members of the public, criminals or police staff, additional risks and considerations arise about the management of such material. It is, therefore, important that staff understand the role that they play in the intelligence-led policing process, and how they can achieve the best results.

Produced on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers — National Centre for Policing Excellence -

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Projected Child Victims by Offender Type

Projections by Fair Play, based on figures showing Perpetrators by Relationship to Victims (2004 figures) and the disproportionately large number of child victims where the offender is in a non-family, Professional relationship.

Jan Cosgrove — Fair Play for Children -

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Refocusing Children’s Services Towards Prevention

Literature Review 2004

- Dartington Social Research Unit -

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Registration of childcare providers from September 2008

The regulation of childcare and related activities coming into force in the UK in September 2008

- Ofsted -

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Report on Child Abuse and the Football Association 2021
Independent Review into Child Sexual Abuse in Football 1970–2005

Clive Sheldon QC
This report raises many key issues about the response of the football industry and its key players.

Results of Second ISA Consultation

Consultation undertaken by ISA with stakeholders on issues relating to the setting up of the Vetting and Barring Scheme in the UK

- Independent Safeguarding Authority -

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Following investigation of allegations of sexual assault RM was arrested on 26 February 2008 and charged with offences relating to two youths. The following day the investigation was declared a major incident (Operation Presley) and offences against eight boys and youths were uncovered. 1.2 RM was charged with 28 offences. He pleaded guilty to a specimen number including attempted rape and other sexual assaults. RM was sentenced on 20 September 2008 at Teesside Crown Court to an indefinite term for public protection in prison, with the stipulation that he serve a minimum of seven years before he may apply for parole.


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Sexting: Youth Practices and Legal Implications

This document addresses legal and practical issues related to the practice colloquially known as sexting. It was created by Harvard Law School?s Cyberlaw Clinic, based at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, for the Berkman Center?s Youth and Media Policy Working Group Initiative.1 The Initiative is exploring policy issues that fall within three substantive clusters emerging from youth?s information and communications technology practices: Risky Behaviors and Online Safety; Privacy, Publicity and Reputation; and Youth Created Content and Information Quality.

Dena T. Sacco, with Rebecca Argudin, James Maguire, and Kelly Tallon — Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University -

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Sexual Offences Act 2003 — The Act

“An Act to make new provision about sexual offences, their prevention and the protection of children from harm from other sexual acts, and for connected purposes.” Widening and clarifying the law.

- Her Majestyâ??s Stationery Office -

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Significant Case Review: Brandon Lee Muir

Following the death of Brandon Muir, those charged with leading and managing child protection services in Dundee commissioned two separate reviews. A significant case review was commissioned in line with national guidance to examine the particular circumstances surrounding the child protection issues, and the role of the various authorities involved. Separately, an independent review was commissioned by the Chief Officers Group to ensure validation of the Significant Case Review, but also to address wider issues which may emerge, not necessarily related to the death of Brandon.

Jimmy Hawthorn, Peter Wilson — Dundee CYPPC -

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Staying Safe: Summary

Keeping children and young people safe is a top priority. It is the responsibility of us all. That is why this consultation document seeks to promote discussion about how we could all do that better. Its purpose is to set out how we can work together to help children and young people stay safe, and make the most of their talents and new opportunities to fulfil their potential.

- Department for Children, Schools and Families — 978–1–84478–974–0

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Striking the Balance

In recent years there have been increasingly negative debates about both the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) system of checks on people working with children and adults at risk of abuse, as well as the proposed Vetting and Barring system managed by the Independent Safeguarding Authority. Some of that criticism has been about a perception of very bureaucratic and costly processes, while other criticisms have been about the degree of intrusion which these systems are seen to represent into the lives of ordinary people.

- Action on Elder Abuse -

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Submission to the Inquiry into the identification, rehabilitation, and care and protection of child offenders

Action for Children and Youth Aotearoa Incorporated (ACYA) is a coalition of nongovernmental organizations, families and individuals whose purpose is to promote the well-being of children and young people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

- ACYA -

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The Bichard Inquiry Report

A Public Inquiry Report on child protection procedures in Humberside Police and Cambridgeshire Constabulary, particularly the effectiveness of relevant intelligence-based record keeping, vetting practices since 1995 and information sharing with other agencies. This report makes recommendations on matters of local and national relevance.

Sir Michael Bichard — The Stationery Office -

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The Experiences of Children Participating in Organised Sport in the UK

This is the report of a major three year study of children and young people?s experiences of participating in organised sport1 in the UK. Conducted between 2007 and 2010

Kate Alexander, Anne Stafford, Ruth Lewis — The University of Edinburgh/NSPCC Child Protection Research Centre -

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The report is divided into six parts. This first part provides an explanation of my methodology, along with background information relevant to the matters covered by this Review. This background information does not set out to be an exhaustive summary of the matters covered, but is provided in order to assist understanding of the matters covered in depth later in the Report.

Nick Pollard — BBC/Reed Smith -

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The protection of children in England: action plan

The Governmentâ??s response to Lord Laming. Ministers announced to Parliament on 12 November 2008 that they had asked Lord Laming to prepare an independent report of progress being made nationally in the delivery of arrangements to protect children, and to identify any barriers to effective, consistent implementation and how these might be overcome. On 12 March 2009, Lord Lamingâ??s report, The Protection of Children in England: A Progress Report was published.

- Department for Children Schools and Families UK -

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The retention and disclosure of criminal

Standard Note: SN/HA/6441 Last updated: 30 January 2013
Author: Sally Lipscombe. House of Commons Library


The Sexual Abuse of Boys in Organized Male Sports

This article considers organized male-sports as a social space that facilitates the sexual abuse of boys. This is a seminal study

Mike Hartill — Men and Maculinities -

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In these consolidated cases, we resolve identical constitutional challenges to the civil commitment provision of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 (the “Act”)?18 U.S.C. § 4248 (2006).

DIANA GRIBBON MOTZ, Circuit Judge: — -

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Vetting and Disclosures: Getting it right in practice

In summer 2011, the Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group held an enquiry into the implementation of the Government?s changes to the vetting and barring and criminal records disclosure systems.

Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group — NSPCC -

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Vetting and Disclosures: Getting it right in practice

In summer 2011, the Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group held an enquiry into the implementation of the Government’s changes to the vetting and barring and criminal records disclosure systems.

The Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group — -

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Vulnerability Report 2018

Overview. “Today, I am publishing the second iteration of my annual study of childhood vulnerability in England. Last year’s report was the first nationwide attempt to quantify the level of childhood vulnerability in England. This year’s report tells us more and in more detail about the children who are growingup with risks that could affect their wellbeing and ultimately life chances.

Children’s Commissioner for England July 2018


“6.2% of Child Offenders may account for at least 55% of Victims” does not provide evidence for the claims made

Response by Ian Fletcher, Research Psychologist, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation to figures produced by Fair Play for Children

Ian Fletcher — Fair Play for Children -

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