Fair Play for Children News: Scots MSP needs to Buzz Off!

  • It can only be heard by teenagers. UNTRUE — above 25 it is claimed (not teens then) but there is no automatic age-related point which can guarantee this because loss of upper frequency declines at different ages, so that there are 17 year olds who won’t hear it and those above 25 who will — in my case as an A-level teenagers in the 1960 in a Physics lesson, a the teacher enjoined us all to raise our hands and to lower them when we ceased to hear the sound as the frequency generator was racked up. One lad put his hand down right away (“We all know why MacDonald” and gradually all the rest of the hands went down …. except moi . “Poke Cosgrove and wake him up”. “I am awake sir” “You can’t be” “I can still hear it”. A hide-and-squeak game of off-and-on ensued, my hand going up and down like a yo-yo. “Er-hem, gentleman, after 35 years of teaching this lesson at this stage, I am forced to modify my usual statement which is “at about 21 kh at your age, you cease to hear the tone which now reads the same ‘except for Cosgrove and any nearby bats”. (Which I could direction find much to my mates’ amusement.)
  • LEFT OUT — however, the manufacturer never mentions younger children whose hearing is more sensitive and able to detect higher frequencies than teens/young adults. The sound generated by the Mosquito is intended to distress so this wretched device will affect them a good deal more than teens etc. An irresponsible and nasty product indeed.
  • The UNCRC says that kids should be consulted about matters involving them — any examples of this re the Mosquito? Hallo Scotsrail, anyone there? A convenient device eh, never mind, it’s only kids?????

Ms Mckelvie MSP, letting children and young people down

SNP MSP Christina Mckelvie, Hamilton



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Jan Cosgrove

Jan Cosgrove

National Secretary of Fair Play for Children, Also runs Bognor Regis Herald online. Plus runs British Music Radio online