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Research Articles — National Institute for Play

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14th July 2024: 39 new stories worldwide (8 Play-related) inc 2 video

The Science Of Play: Research Shows That Restricting Playtime May Harm Kids — MSN

Rethinking relationship between children’s play and configuration of urban physical environments in Dhaka

Running Wild: engaging and empowering future custodians of place through creative nature-based play

Degrowth and the Politics of Play in 21st C. Spanish Environmental Art

Conceptions of place: approaching space, children and physical acticity

The science of baby babbling — and why it can take on accents — News — The University of Liverpool

The Effect of Theory of Mind-Based Emotional Development Program on Young Children’s

4th July 2024: 56 new stories (8 Play-related) inc 1 vid

Rethinking ‘safe spaces’ in children’s geographies

2013.01 Opportunities for Outdoor Play? Playgrounds-New Spaces of Liberty (The Question of Form)


Unlocking potential: The role of play and innovation in early childhood education

Livebirth rate after one frozen embryo transfer in ovulatory women starting with natural, modified natural, or artificial endometrial preparation in Viet Nam: an open-label randomised controlled trial

European Society of Paediatric Oncology Annual Meeting 2024 — The Lancet

Healthcare costs related to respiratory syncytial virus in paediatric intensive care units

Health care safety incidents in paediatric emergency care — Anales de Pediatría

Engaging Families in State Initiatives: A Case Study of Lessons Learned

Enhancing climate change and sustainability education through critical and collaborative dialogue between Global South and North education communities



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