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26th September 2023

Researchers show how malnutrition affects growth in the first two years of life

Malnutrition Early in Life Sets Stage for Poor Growth and Death | UC San Francisco

Burden of paediatric hospitalisations to the health care system, child and family — The Lancet

Beyond individual inclusion, investment in affected communities is needed to end tuberculosis

The future of engaging patients and families for patient safety

Transforming women’s, children’s, and adolescents’ health and wellbeing through primary health care

A breakthrough in measuring violence against children is a powerful step in protecting human rights

Want Your Child to Be Smarter? Make Sure They Do This, Say Cambridge Neuroscientists

16 September 2023

This is the №1 way to raise a resilient kid, new study says

Increased brain microvascular hemoglobin concentrations in children with cerebral malaria

Are we there yet? The ongoing journey of cystic fibrosis care — The Lancet

UC Irvine Research: GLP-1RA’s May Pose Danger to Children | Mirage News

Home-based monitoring prior to frozen embryo transfer: the new gold standard?

27 August 2023

Let the children play

A balance between work and play needs to be established to ensure that ample playtime is accorded for the holistic development of a child

Reauthorise PEPFAR to prevent death, orphanhood, and suffering for millions of children

21st August 2023

A need for safe infant feeding in low-resource health-care facilities

Universal free school meals: the future of school meal programmes?

Study links lung conditions to young people who vape

‘Unclaimed Territory”: Childhood and Disordered Spaces(s)

7th August 2023

Serum neurofilament light chain reference database for individual application in paediatric care: a retrospective modelling and validation study



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