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Scholarly articles for children’s play research

17 June 2024: 50 new stories (13 Play-related) & inc 1 vid

Adventure Playgrounds, Playwork, and Loose Parts: History and Theory

Spaces of play, spaces of responsibility: Creating dichotomous geographies of outdoor citizenship

‘True geography [ ] quickly forgotten, giving away to an adult-imagined universe’. Approaching the otherness of childhood

Development models for playgrounds in the contemporary urban fabric

Definitions of Playground: Negotiating Spatial Rights, in Growing with Design. Henric Benesch (ed). University of Gothenburg, 2016

Effect of gestalt play therapy on empathy in hard-of-hearing children

Brain Tumour: Understanding Pediatric Brain Tumour And Treatment Options For It

Paediatric Task Force | The Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI)

Farxiga approved in the US for the treatment of paediatric type-2 diabetes

Research findings could help children reduce exposure to radiation after cervical spine injury

Child sacrifices tied to Mayan Hero Twin myth revealed by ancient DNA | Science | AAAS

Children’s views | Innocenti Global Office of Research and Foresight — UNICEF


Communicating Place

Early parenting and the urban experience: risk, community, play and embodiment in an East London neighbourhood.

Exploring Space and Politics with Children: A Geosocial Methodological Approach to Studying Experiential Worlds

The role of caregivers in mental health and child development policy and practice

Landscape of Publicly Available Data on School-Age Child Care

3rd June 2024

The correlation between children’s outdoor activities and community space characteristics: A case study utilizing SOPARC and KDE methods in Chengdu, China

The Archaeology of Postwar Childhood in Rose Macaulay’s The World My Wilderness

The Worlds of Rural Children: Deconstructing Adult Discourses of the Rural

Play and Playgrounds in Children’s Geographies

The Geography of Children: An Annotated Bibliography

Shaping OurSpace: Children’s Engagement with Nature through Urban Planning & Theatre

URBAN playground

2013.01 Opportunities for Outdoor Play? Playgrounds-New Spaces of Liberty (The Question of Form)

Children’s approaches to solving puzzles in videogames — ScienceDirect.com

Paediatric anaesthesia: it is not only what you do, but how you do it — The Lancet

Race, ethnicity influences disparity in children’s mental health care, study finds

Landscape of Publicly Available Data on School-Age Child Care

21st May 2024

Play for a change — summary report

Lester, S. and Russell, W. (2010) Children’s right to play: An examination of the importance of play in the lives of children worldwide, The Hague: Bernard van Leer Foundation

SPACE ROCKETS, TURTLES AND WIGWAMS. Children’s Playgrounds in Socialist Bulgaria Between Ideology, Modern Utopias and Postmodern Adventures

Childhood and the politics of scale: descaling children’s geographies?

Bringing Us Together, One Story at a Time

Youth Offending and Juvenile Justice

The Impact of Active Shooter Drills on Student Health and Wellbeing

Overcoming Childhood Sexual Trauma in Bad Education (2004, dir. Pedro Almodóvar) and Mysterious Skin (2004, dir. Gregg Araki)

The road ahead for immediate kangaroo mother care in resource-constrained health systems

Effectiveness of kangaroo mother care before clinical stabilisation versus standard care among neonates at five hospitals in Uganda (OMWaNA): a parallel-group, individually randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation

Documenting the history of the National Survey of Early Care and Education

10th May 2024

From Playground to Recreation Centres for People of All Ages: Alfred Trachsel and the Case of Zurich

Treatments of paediatric multiple sclerosis: Efficacy and tolerance in a longitudinal follow-up study

Aspects of Well-being for the Child Care and Early Education Workforce

Effect of population-wide screening for presymptomatic early-stage type 1 diabetes on ..

European Paediatric Advanced Life Support (EPALS) in English

Memory capacity as the core mechanism of the development of space–time interferences in children

‘Unqualified failure’ in polio vaccine policy left thousands of kids paralyzed | Science

Unsettled science on longer-run effects of early education

Quique Bassat — improving paediatric global health — The Lancet Infectious Diseases

A measles and rubella vaccine microneedle patch in The Gambia: a phase 1/2, double-blind, double-dummy, randomised, active-controlled, age de-escalation trial

27th April 2024

Play and Playgrounds in Children’s Geographies

The Geography of Children: An Annotated Bibliography

Shaping OurSpace: Children’s Engagement with Nature through Urban Planning & Theatre

2013.01 Opportunities for Outdoor Play? Playgrounds-New Spaces of Liberty (The Question of Form)

The funzone and industrial play: the choreography of childhood spaces in a Swedish context

Children’s Playgrounds in Slovak Mass Housing Estates: History and Current Trends

Learning to Play with the Rules: On the Development of the Bauspielplatz Kunst Kammer’s Methodological Play with Variation

Maps of Community Gardens — Prinzessinengarten

Nature Park as Performative Sculpture Park: A Case of Nida Art Colony on the Baltic Sea Coast

Old and New Playscapes (Final Paper in Advanced course: Performance and Landscape/Stockholm University of the Arts)

Playgrounds and Battlefields

Children’s creative participation as a precursor of 21st century skills in Finnish early …

High air pollution in Denmark may impact children’s academic performance — Phys.org

Matching actions to needs: shifting policy responses to the changing health needs of Chinese children and adolescents

Johns Hopkins-led study finds ‘modest’ childhood development delays during COVID

Successful treatment of paediatric refractory Hodgkin lymphoma with immunotherapy

CAR T-cell therapy rescues adolescent with rapidly progressive lupus nephritis from haemodialysis

Parents’ Reasons for Searching for Child Care and Early Education: Findings from the 2019 National Survey of Early Care and Education

12th April 2024

Junk Playgrounds. The “Anti-Aesthetics” of Play in Post-World War II Playground Design.

DIY Performance Culture of Folkets Park, Malmö : Creative Play, Community and Ownership of Public Space

Revitalization of Public Space: From “Non-Places” to Creative Playgrounds

A space for ambiguity: play and playfulness as spaces of protest, i n Trading Places: Practices of Public Participation in Art and Design Research. Hamers, D., Bueno de Mesquita, N., Vaneycken, A,. & Schoffelen, J….

On Lines, Place Making, and Children’s Play: An Exploration of Street Life in the Netherlands



From infrastructure to playground: the playable soul of Copenhagen

The boundaries of heterotopia : examining the playground’s “public value” in contemporary Athens

Urban Outdoor Recreation: Children’s Playgrounds in Warsaw

‘Childhood is measured out by sounds and sights and smells, before the dark of reason grows’: children’s geographies at 12

Prevalence of adolescent mental disorders in Kenya, Indonesia, and Viet Nam measured by the National Adolescent Mental Health Surveys (NAMHS): a multi-national cross-sectional study

1st April 2024

Nature in the Cities: Places for Play and Learning

Australian Primary School Playgrounds — Monuments to Misunderstanding?

Playground Ideas ENG

2013.01 Opportunities for Outdoor Play? Playgrounds-New Spaces of Liberty (The Question of Form)

Childhood Geographies and Spatial Justice: Making Sense of Place and Space-Making as Political Acts in Education

Spatial representation, activity, and meaning: Children’s images of the contemporary city

The public playground paradox: ‘child’s joy’ or heterotopia of fear?

Exploring children’s perceptions and experiences of outdoor spaces

Fences of childhood: Challenging the meaning of playground boundaries in design

Containing children: some lessons on planning for play from New York City

Children Deserve A Space to Play: A Vision for a Better Urban Playing Spaces in Jeddah, KSA

Playing Heterotopia. Are playgrounds a child’s matter?

Rosen, R. (2016). ‘Early Childhood Subjectivities, Inequities, and Imaginative Play’. In N. Worth and C. Dwyer (Eds), Geographies of Identities and Subjectivities. Vol. 4 of Skelton, T. (ed.) Geographies of Children…

Children’s Use of Public Space

Child, play, and urban space: a historical overview and a holistic paradigm for child-centered urbanism

‘Childhood is measured out by sounds and sights and smells, before the dark of reason grows’: children’s geographies at 12

Efficacy and perception of feasibility of structured games for achieving curriculum learning goals in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten low-income classrooms

The effect of mobile game training designed for asthmatic children on asthma management and quality of life

Paediatric surgery outcomes in Africa: a call for urgent investment

Are your earliest childhood memories still lurking in your mind — or gone forever? — Science

The comparative study of chronically ill and healthy children and adolescents in the light of … — Nature

Camilla Kingdon: helping children and paediatricians thrive — The Lancet

Establishing a paediatric critical care core quality measure set using a multistakeholder …



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