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18th March 2024

Children pay the price for our silence, again


Chancellor’s pledges not enough to fix UK’s childcare system, warn providers

Budget reaction: Education Committee Chair on childcare and social care announcements

Jeremy Hunt’s free childcare pledge leave parents to ‘pick up tab’ as nurseries hike fees

UK’s Hunt Extends Child Benefit, Vows to Reform ‘Unfair’ System — Bloomberg Law News

World Health Organization (WHO) — Drowning is preventable. Teach basic swimming … — Facebook

Improving the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents:guidance on scheduled ..

Inclusive social protection essential for child rights, says Deputy High Commissioner

Budget reaction: Education Committee Chair on childcare and social care announcements

LGA responds to whooping cough case spike — Local Government Association

Why We’re Opting In to Invest in Supporting Families — The Imprint

10th March 2024

More than 90000 children estimated to be in home education in autumn term

Decline in child health in the UK is a national scandal | The BMJ

Almost 70,000 children missing out on mental health treatment | The Independent

Sexual abuse and exploitation of children in the entertainment industry must stop immediately — ohchr

Advancing a prevention-oriented support system for the health and safety of children

Report: NY Accepts Child Maltreatment Allegations at Higher Rates — The Imprint

Civil Rights Complaint Alleges Minnesota’s Child Welfare System Discriminates|

Child Welfare Journal Child Welfare League of America

6th March 2024

Multilingual Education: A Key to Quality and Inclusive Learning

Threats among elementary school children require intervention ‘to break the cycle’ of behavior

Thousands of children left state education to destinations ‘unknown’ to councils

Can the 2024 UK election change the child health trajectory? — The Lancet

SNAICC calls for a new early years service model to help Close the Gap

29th February 2024


Early years charity warns many childcare providers will struggle to meet demand for places

Multilingual Education: A Key to Quality and Inclusive Learning

More UK Child Care Places to Close Due to Rising Wages, Lack of Funding — Bloomberg

UNESCO Applauds African Union’s Ambitious Education Aims — Mirage News

UNH to Establish Hub for Early Childhood Education Research

28 February 2024 — Integrated Education — Oral evidence — Committees

Thousands of children left state education to destinations ‘unknown’ to councils

Eat Them To Defeat Them returns to screens and UK schools

Early education and childcare resource pack

Controversial Plans to relocate Chichester school look set to go ahead

Food firms ‘harming children with unhealthy products and misleading advertising’ | The Independent

22nd February 2024

UN calls for mental health support for children impacted by Gaza war

Nearly 119 operations a day to remove rotten teeth in children

I’m a Paediatric nurse and here are 5 things I’d never pack in a child’s lunch box

BMJ — Child health: Experts condemn “appalling decline” in UK

15th February 2024

Education Minister says resolving industrial action by teachers ‘is a priority’

Mental health, wellbeing and personal development in schools — House of Lords Library

10th February 2024

Grounded language acquisition through the eyes and ears of a single child | Science

Families sending children to school without food amid cost-of-living squeeze

Pneumococcal Vaccination Recommendations for Children and Adults by Age and/or Risk Factor

Malaria vaccine is highly effective in young children, study suggests | The Independent

5th February 2024

Curriculum Evaluation — Science (Irish Department of Education

31st January 2024

The Childcare Challenge — Changes to Childcare Funding in the UK

Government’s childcare scheme may widen ‘inequalities’ among preschool children

Nearly half of authorities have doubts about Jeremy Hunt’s expanded childcare policy rollout

Insights into wraparound childcare

28 January 2024

Make Asthma Treatment Free in England

17.8m need health support in Yemen, about half of children malnourished — WHO

World Health Organisation issues fresh warning over measles | The Independent

Financial education in schools — House of Lords Library

Full list of school closures as Storm Isha causes travel chaos across UK | The Independent

Could a Newark early learning center funded by philanthropists be a model for child care?

Cholera Outbreaks in Africa Put Children on Front Lines, UN Says

Councils face challenges in offering parents wraparound childcare — charity

Councils plead for more help to support kids in care reunite with families as data shows a ..



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