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includes Early Years and Child-Care, Disability issues and Child Protection

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21st September 2023

Child care can cost as much as college. Why are so many centers in danger of closing?

Ohio’s children need help earlier in life to succeed

Parents should not keep children out of school for sore throats and runny noses

Reforming children’s social care: Public Services Committee inquiry

We must adopt differential approach to reduce maternal, new-born, child deaths: WHO Regional Director

15th September 2023

Millions at risk of child labour as growing numbers pulled out of school

All the London schools affected by unsafe concrete revealed as Government publishes full list

Government publishes long-awaited list of schools affected by crumbling concrete

13th September 2023

UNICEF: Children in Africa are among the most at risk to climate change

Oregon’s Attorney General spearheads national effort to scrutinize AI for child protection

If you want to help trans youth in the U.K., here are the groups to support

Breakthrough as new drug promises to shield child cancer patients from hearing loss

Boys who smoke and vape ‘risk passing on damaged genes to their children

Childcare a key issue for voters, new education coalition’s research suggests

5th September 2023

95% of councils struggle to recruit childcare workers — despite Hunt’s flagship pledge to boost workforce

Wales’ Cared-For Children More Likely to Receive Immunisation

1st September 2023

24th August 2023

One year after TES, what is the progress of meaningful youth engagement in education?

New World Health Organization recommendations for care of preterm or low birth weight infants

How new ‘informed consent’ law is complicating vaccines for children in Tennessee

18th August 2023

‘My children said their goodbyes’: Rare auto-immune disease left mum unable to remember her family

Prominent New York Court Official Fired on Eve of Testimony About Child Welfare Issues

10th August 2023

350,000+ Kids in Developing Nations Lack Cancer Treatment

Space Force leaders highlight DAF child care resources

Child food insecurity and Free School Meals — POST Parliament

Breastfeeding at work recommendations published by WHO

3rd August 2023

Gov’t ‘has more work to do’ on landmark childcare reforms, Education Committee report says

28th July 2023

Free childcare entitlements for three- and four-year-olds in England

Free childcare entitlements for two-year-olds in England

Childcare reforms ‘risk exacerbating inequality’, says report

UK’s Working Parents Face a Crisis of Child Care This Summer

UK HealthCare Doc Probes New Child Care Protocols in Poor Nations

Landmark Ruling: Florida Court Declares Victory for Families of Children with Disabilities

AI-Generated Child Abuse Images Complicate Child Protection Efforts, NCA Warns

25th July 2023



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