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includes Early Years and Child-Care, Disability issues and Child Protection

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23rd June 2024: 67 new stories worldwide

Child With Disabilities in Uruzgan Overcomes Obstacles to Gain Education

Mohammad Karim, 13

Scottish Tories back private nursery campaign over free childcare funding | The Independent

Children in UK getting shorter due to malnutrition in ‘national embarrassment’

This government is failing disabled children — here’s what you can do about it

16th June 2024: 78 new stories worldwide

Affluent areas in England have ‘highest levels’ of childcare access — analysis

New Constitutional Challenge to ICWA is Struck Down in Minnesota — The Imprint

New partner initiative launched to protect refugee children’s health — Devex

UK Election: Sunak Was Right, Education Is a Bright Spot in the Tories’ Record — Bloomberg

Farxiga approved in the US for the treatment of paediatric type-2 diabetes

Labour leader says child health in ‘terrible place’ in energy drink sales pledge

Jamie Oliver: I hope the winning party tackles child health and wins — Tortoise Media

Commonwealth Child Safe Framework [PDF]

9th June 2024

New Evidence Found for Stone Age Children, Thought Lost to Time

Revealed: Tories accused of neglect as children’s critical care units run out of beds

Child Welfare Is Built On a Bad Foundation — The Imprint

2nd June 2024

Children in Sudan face hunger, disease in civil war

Muddling: How ad hoc childcare became the new normal for stressed parents like me

Accelerating Progress Towards SDG4: Stocktake of Transformative Actions in Education

UNESCO, UNICEF Urge Robust Health Foundations in Primary Schools | Mirage News

Councils in England assessed on support for looked after children and care leavers

When a School Fails to Protect Your Child From Bullying — WSJ

27th May 2024

Mentally unwell children put through ‘torture’ on wrong NHS wards, watchdog warns

UK Gov Sets Age Restrictions for Child RSHE Protection — Mirage News

Children should have sex education from the age of three, says Everyday Sexism founder | The Independent

Children’s rights must be on the menu as school lunches are reviewed

22nd May 2024

Healthy Start Scheme — The House of Commons Library

Childcare workforce in England — The House of Commons Library

Trajectories of early childhood development in children experiencing homelessness

Religious beliefs and laws taking stances on surrogacy and IVF — Spectrum News

Highlights from the first-ever violence against children and youth survey conducted …

Herpes combined with vaccine could be breakthrough cure for childhood brain cancer

18th May 2024

Special Feature

The Sex Education In Schools Debate

Main News below

Matt Cartoon Daily Telegraph May 2024

Backlash over Rishi Sunak’s ‘irresponsible’ plans to ban sex education for children under 9

cartoon in The Times May 2024

Committee on Labor, Employment, Promotion of Women, Youth, Sports and Child Protection

California Online Child Protection Measures Clear Key Hurdle — Bloomberg Law News

UK Gov Opens Childcare Applications for 9-Month-Olds’ Parents | Mirage News

Children who spend a lot of time on social media ‘more likely to vape’ | The Independent



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