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Jan Cosgrove
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The POWER of Play — Boy finds solace in kites amidst war devastation — WATCH HERE

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23rd July 2024: 47 new stories worldwide inc 2 video

Khel Mela: An opportunity for each child to play — sportanddev

18th July 2024: 68 new stories inc 4 video

Let’s end the ‘princessification’ of girls, ‘machofication’ of boys | The Daily Star

Francis Alÿs Turns the Barbican Centre Into an Audiovisual Playground

Bedfordshire homebuilders champion safe summer play alternatives for kids

API reaches out to the new Government and calls for ‘A Meeting to Shape the Future

13 July 2024: 83 new stories worldwide inc 2 vid + 1 photo

Fair Play for Children urges Government to make UN Convention on the Rights of the Child part of UK law

Do you have children who love to learn, play and explore?

New inquiry into play aims to give children back their …

New playgrounds in GTA schools help get kids moving and loving sports — Toronto Life

6 July 2024: 64 new stories worldwide + 4 photos


School Sport and Activity Action Plan

All schools should ‘plan for play’ for pupils of all ages

New playground for Blenheim School built in a few days | The Post



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