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11th February 2024

Spanish NGOs Urge International Action on Polisario’s Child Recruitment

‘Time for Congress to act’: Parents confront social media execs about harm to children

UN expert alarmed by new emerging exploitative practices of online child sexual abuse

Committee on the Rights of the Child Closes Ninety-Fifth Session after Adopting … — ohchr

Draft general comment №27 on children’s right to access justice and effective remedies

Committee on the Rights of the Child Holds Fifteenth Informal Meeting with States | OHCHR

UN experts advocate for an end to migrant children detention | OHCHR

4th February 2024

Hall, Sacks: Ensure kids in justice system have fair representation

Consider younger couples and children in planning policy, government urged

Legislation would create savings accounts for children at birth, under age 18

Children’s rights advocates look to influence Trump-Colorado ballot case at Supreme Court

Stolen Childhoods: The pervasive shadow of child labour in Pakistan

Senators Tell Meta, TikTok CEOs Their Platforms Hurt Children — WSJ

Florida lawmakers want to let children work full-time hours — even on school nights

Draft general comment №27 on children’s right to access justice and effective remedies

Experts of the Committee on the Rights of the Child Commend the Russian Federation on … — ohchr

Experts of the Committee on the Rights of the Child Congratulate South Africa on Significant …

UN Archive: Shakira Advocates for Children’s Rights | Mirage News

Hundreds of child refugees wrongly sent to adult detention centres by Home Office

Florida bill loosening child labor laws clears major hurdle — YouTube

27th January 2024

International Court of Justice (ICJ) places huge burden on Israel to prevent Genocide in Gaza in case brought by South Africa

The interim ICJ ruling in the Hague yesterday has served notice on Israel that it must do all it can to prevent its forces etc from inflicting genocide as a result of its military operations in Gaza. This judgment has force of international law but there are no powers of enforcement. Israel has denounced the process but its friends and allies are now under even greater pressure to push for observation of international norms and laws.

Given that estimates of total deaths now exceed 26000 and a further 64000+injured, mainly civilians, including a staggering 10000 children (1% of the population), it is clear that what has been justified by Israel as an anti-terrorist operation has killed far more civilians than Hamas


If the number of deaths were proportionated to the population size of Britain (68m) that would mean an equivalent death toll here would be in excess of 800,000 people.

The ICJ Interim Ruling link

Children, young people and the built environment inquiry — Levelling-Up Committee publishes evidence ahead of opening evidence session


Children, young people and the built environment — written evidence etc

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee Wednesday 24 January 2024 — verbal evidence

24th January 2024

Strengthening children’s rights: UNCRC bill secures Royal Assent in Scotland

Britain has suffered terribly under these Tories, especially our children. The only word for it is neglect — Keir Starmer

DOJ Calls on States to Eliminate Juvenile System Fines and Fees — The Imprint News

UN experts urge France to protect children from incest and all forms of sexual abuse — ohchr

Experts of the Committee on the Rights of the Child Welcome Senegal’s Initiatives … — ohchr

House committee OKs bill expanding Child Tax Credit, boost affordable housing

Women and children in Gaza bearing brunt of ongoing war

Early Impact: How HACE is using AI to monitor child labour

Nigeria — ‘Five states reluctant to domesticate Child’s Right Act’

18th January 2024

New Pension Rule: Women Government Employees Can Now Nominate Children For Family Pension

Buzz Bingo in breach of ASA rules with ad that “appealed to children”

UN Child Rights Committee to review Congo, Bulgaria, Senegal, Russian Federation, Lithuania and South Africa

9th January 2024

Ibironke Adeagbo: “Our target is to pick up 1,000 children out of the street every year” Nigeria

Israeli soldiers kidnapped infant, other children: Euro-Med

Child labour exposed as NSCDC uncovers pillows made with used diapers, pads Nigeria

What Many Critics of Child Labor Overlook

2nd January 2024

Gaza, New Year 2024: The Massacre of the Innocents

The new Herod

Herod The King

In his raging

Ordered he hath this day

His men of might

In his own sight

All Young Children to slay

‘The Coventry Carol’ (medieval English carol)

28th December 2023

A Push to ‘Decriminalize’ Young People Who Grew up in Foster Care

In light of court ruling, EPA to propose allowing most uses of pesticide linked to developmental delays in children

MPs call for cut to football gambling adverts to shield children from exposure — Committees

UNICEF: Acute food insecurity puts all children under five in the Gaza Strip at high risk of severe malnutrition

IDF: Troops find kid-sized explosive belts in Gaza building used to shelter civilians

22nd December 2023

Poland’s new coalition replaces conservative children’s rights official with LGBT-friendly successor


New prison won’t solve youth justice crisis, advocates warn

Child labour isn’t a thing of the past — it props up modern colonialism across the world today

‘It was very secret’: Uncovering wounds of forced labour in Uzbek cotton

Every right for every child — No more excuses will work for child labour

Opinion: Prioritize the child in state protective programs

Rescuing and protecting children’s rights during military operation

Status of Child Rights in Nagaland

15th December 2023

Why have so many Palestinian children been killed by Israel? | Inside Story — YouTube

Comment by UN Human Rights Office spokesperson Liz Throssell on executions of a child … — ohchr

Central African Republic: UN expert calls for action to prevent trafficking and ensure … — ohchr

UK Gov Launches National Review on Intra-Family Child Abuse — Mirage News

ILO Study: Climate Change Amplifies Child Labour Issue — Mirage News



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