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29th September 2023

Children bombarded by betting adverts developing gambling problems, NHS warns

The Compounded Issues of Native Youth in the Juvenile Justice System — The Imprint

UK Accelerates Child Social Care Reform, Booss Support for Care Leavers | Mirage News

‘Councils in doom-spiral of unsustainable spending on children’s services’ | The Independent

Children’s voices must be heard on climate crisis | OHCHR

Councils ‘wasting millions’ on special educational needs legal disputes — The Independent

21st September 2023

18th September 2023

The U.S. Is Not Protecting Its Children | Opinion

Youth First Justice Collaborative Hires New Leader — The Imprint

14th September 2023


Children in temporary accommodation invisible, expert warns amid record figures

UK Government Using ‘Extreme’ Care on Guidance for Trans Children — BNN Bloomberg

Experts of the Committee on the Rights of the Child Commend Andorra for Having No Child … — ohchr

Experts of the Committee on the Rights of the Child Commend Albania on Legal and … — ohchr

UN recognises protection from violence against animals as part of child rights

4th September 2023

Children on free school meals ‘more likely to experience harm online’ | The Independent

Child victims to get support through justice system at first Bairns Hoose — The Independent

29th August 2023


22 August 2023

Ghana — The state must enforce laws, policies on children — Lawyer

Juvenile Court Fees and Costs Are Invisible Shackles That Tether Children to a Broken System

16th August 2023

Juvenile Court Fees and Costs Are Invisible Shackles That Tether Children to a Broken System

Youth justice staff ‘need more training in trauma-informed practice’

New International Development Policy promising framework, strategy for children must come next

UN Committee Receives Human Rights Watch Submission in Russia

More than a third of children surveyed in Afghanistan pushed into child labour, as country marks two years of Taliban rule

11th August 2023

Youth justice study shows fatal trend

Children removed from parents having to wait 46 weeks to get final decision on where they will live

8th August 2023

Could Federal Bill Aimed at Protecting Kids Impact Gambling Industry?

Help reduce violence and protect the vulnerable by looking out for child exploitation

1st August 2023

Internet Ad Regulations Tighten in a Bid to Protect Children

27th July 2023

#aShotatLife seeks to raise awareness on children’s rights and the challenges affecting them

Judge rules Florida illegally institutionalizes disabled children

Polish parliament approves child protection law in wake of 8-year-old’s death at hands of stepfather



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