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Mugabe family in detention after military takes control of Zimbabwe

In-depth The Guardian 24m ago

Robert Mugabe: Legacy of a ruthless tyrant who presided over bloodshed and persecution 1h ago

Zimbabwe’s Military Seize Control But Deny Coup Against Robert Mugabe

HuffPost UK 45m ago

From Zimbabwe

ARMY STEPS IN: Moves in to weed out Zanu-PF criminal elements

Chronicle 27m ago


Grace Mugabe’s recklessness may spark a deadly presidential succession

The Globe and Mail 13 Nov 2017

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Zimbabwe news: Robert Mugabe detained as military takes over Harare but supporters deny coup

The Independent 3h ago

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Mugabe in custody as army takes control in Zimbabwe

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Robert Mugabe in custody as army takes control in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe crisis: Army denies coup and insists takeover only targeting ‘criminals’ surrounding Robert Mugabe

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Zimbabwe army ‘SEIZE POWER’ holding Mugabe ‘for his own safety with country on cliff edge’ 1h ago

Zimbabwe ‘coup’: Soldiers seize Robert Mugabe and wife ‘for their own safety’ and deny they’ve taken power

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Uncertainty in Zimbabwe: Military claims President Robert Mugabe is in custody, insists it’s not a coup

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Zimbabwe: What’s happening? 2h ago

Zimbabwe military takes over the country, says President Mugabe is ‘safe’

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Zimbabwe: Uncertainty over Mugabe’s whereabouts as military denies coup

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Zimbabwe Army Has Robert Mugabe in Custody and Seizes State TV 59m ago

Robert Mugabe UNDER SIEGE: Tanks head to Zimbabwe capital amid SOARING tensions 9m ago

All you need to know about the turmoil in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe President, Wife In Custody As Military Takes Control of Capital

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Is Zimbabwean President Mugabe on the Way Out?: QuickTake Q&A

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Mugabe ‘safe’ as army takes control in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe army launches takeover against ‘criminals’ around Mugabe 1h ago

400 Indian expatriates in Zimbabwe are safe, says ambassador

Hindustan Times 1h ago

Canadians in Zimbabwe urged to remain indoors as political crisis intensifies 7m ago

Zimbabwe’s Military Says It’s Not Taking Over, Just “Targeting Criminals” Around Mugabe

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Zimbabwe army has Mugabe, wife in custody, controls capital

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Behind the Zimbabwe Coup That Won’t Speak Its Name

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‘Gucci Grace’ and the ‘Crocodile’: The key players in Zimbabwe politics

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Zimbabwe army launches takeover against ‘criminals’ around Mugabe, says president ‘safe’ 2h ago

Highlights: Zimbabwe military seizes power, says targeting ‘criminals’ around President Mugabe

Hindustan Times 3h ago

Zimbabwe’s military intervenes in political crisis as explosions and gunfire are heard in the capital

Los Angeles Times 6h ago

South Africa’s quiet diplomacy towards Zimbabwe must end — Maimane

Times LIVE 52m ago

‘His time is coming to an end’: MP warns that Zimbabwe’s ruling party is a ‘seething mass of hatred’ amid ‘coup’ against …

Daily Mail 1h ago

Zimbabwe at a Crossroads: ‘Bloodless Transition’ Underway, Ruling Party Says

Sputnik International 2h ago

Zimbabwe military appears to have taken over government institutions

Xinhua 4h ago

Zimbabwe military ‘takes power’, detains finance minister

Rand Daily Mail 5h ago

Who is Grace Mugabe? Robert Mugabe’s wife who planned to take power before army takeover

Daily Star 40m ago

Zimbabwe army denies military coup against President Robert Mugabe

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Zimbabwe’s army takes power, Robert Mugabe ‘safe and sound’ 6h ago

We are in control of Zimbabwe, says military

Independent Online 4h ago

Military, gunfight on Zimbabwe’s streets but ‘no coup’

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Photos: Military seizes power in Zimbabwe, denies coup against Mugabe

Hindustan Times 1h ago

Mugabe’s power wanes as military steps in

New Vision 3h ago

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe deposed from ruling party after Army intervention 1h ago

Zimbabwe’s Army Seizes Control, But Insists It’s Not A Coup

WAMC 3h ago

Zimbabwe crisis: Army says it is ‘targeting criminals’, not Mugabe

Radio New Zealand 7h ago

What is a coup, how does a military coup d’etat work and what’s happening in Zimbabwe?

The Sun 2h ago

Zimbabwe’s Army Warns of ‘Violent Conflict’ After Takeover

Daily Beast 4h ago

‘This is an historic moment for Zimbabwe’

SowetanLIVE Sunday Wolrd 3h ago

Zimbabwe army chief claims Robert Mugabe is “safe and sound” as military takes power amid coup fears 6h ago

Mugabe under ‘heavy guard’ as situation deteriorates in Zim

News24 3h ago

Blasts Heard in Zimbabwe Capital as Army Denies Takeover

Bloomberg 7h ago

Zimbabwe: Army says it is ‘targeting criminals’ around Robert Mugabe; tanks on the streets; TV station taken over

ABC Online 7h ago

Zimbabwe: Why cracks are showing between Robert Mugabe and the military

ABC Online 6h ago

Zimbabwe: Military Takes Control Of State Broadcaster, Says Targeting ‘Criminals’, Not President Mugabe

Outlook India 7h ago

Zimbabwe is on edge as the military stand-off with Robert Mugabe escalates

Quartz 9h ago

BREAKING: Zimbabwe military ‘seizes power’, arrests officials

Premium Times 4h ago

Targeting criminals, not a military takeover of government: Zimbabwe military

WION 7h ago

Zimbabwe latest: US embassy tells citizens in Zimbabwe to ‘shelter’ after explosions heard in capital Harare

The Independent 9h ago

Soldiers Take Zimbabwe’s National Broadcaster, Explosions Heard

OZY 8h ago

Explosions in Zimbabwe capital as tension escalates

Radio New Zealand 10h ago

Mugabe urged to stop harassment of journalists

NewsDay 8h ago

Mugabe’s silence worrisome

NewsDay 8h ago

Army take over Zimbabwe national TV

Daily Post Nigeria 4h ago

Zimbabwe latest: Photos of tanks near capital shared as speculation rises about military action

The Independent 15h ago

Zimbabwe coup feared as tanks seen outside Harare after top general threatens Mugabe

International Business Times UK 17h ago

Reports From Zimbabwe: Army Vehicles In Capital City, Explosions Heard

The Denver Channel 7h ago

Zimbabwe’s ruling party warns army general against treason 11h ago

Rumors of a Coup Are Circling Around Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. Here’s What We Know

TIME 15h ago

Is What’s Happening in Zimbabwe a Coup, or Does It Just Look Like One?

Slate Magazine (blog) 13h ago

Zimbabwe latest: Mugabe’s ruling party accuses general of ‘treasonable conduct’ after army threatens to ‘step in’

The Independent 15h ago

In defence of the revolution, people’s rights

The Herald 12h ago

Zimbabwe Military Coup Underway? Tanks Converge On Capital

ValueWalk 17h ago

Tanks are rolling toward Zimbabwe’s capital after the army chief threatened to “step in”

Quartz 18h ago

Military outside Zimbabwe capital after army chief’s threat

Hindustan Times 17h ago

Tanks roll into Zimbabwe’s capital Harare amid rumours of possible COUP against President Robert Mugabe 19h ago

Zimbabwe zooms towards civil war

Washington Examiner 19h ago

Zimbabwe army chief warns military could ‘step in’ over party purge

The Guardian 13 Nov 2017

Zimbabwe army chief warns Mugabe’s party that military may intervene after sackings 13 Nov 2017

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Zimbabwe military seizes power targeting ‘criminals’

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Zimbabwe tensions: Military seizes power, denies coup


Zimbabwe crisis: Army denies coup, says President Mugabe is ‘safe and sound’

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