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Bognor Regis Herald Weekly Review 20th February 2022

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Latest progress at Westloats Lane Centre — Grace Church bows out

Our weekly video News Summary

Storm Eunice — Strong Lady ….

Facebook Link to two guys on The Pier ….

and see the video

Pagham FC loses stadium roof!


De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

Storm Eunice at Saltdean

Not quite that strong ……?

Storm Eunice: Was climate change responsible?

Now for something completely different ….. same seafront — another day …..

credit: Alan Barber

Advance Information from Exam Boards for GCSE, AS and A-Level Exams in Summer 2022


Includes Sussex Vinyards — Buckingam Palace launches English sparkling wine for Platinum Jubilee

Colleges come together for combined rugby team


From apprentices to company directors


University of Sussex

Appeal for witnesses after aggravated burglary in Bognor

Sussex Police detective convicted of fraud

February 2022 | newsletter in association with our Local Offer

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Important: Not all of the services and events listed here are quality assured by the County Council or Local Offer. Some of the services may be provided by or on behalf of West Sussex County Council, to find out more contact the service and see our terms page. Please note, if you are viewing this newsletter on a smart phone, it appears best when holding your phone horizontally.

Updates from West Sussex County Council Teams

The SEND Commissioning Team are currently working on two projects which you can read more about below:


Calling all parent / carers, children and young people and practitioners…

West Sussex County Council in participation with the West Sussex Parent Carer Forum will be hosting the first ever SEND Awareness Event. They would love to hear your views on what the event should be based on or if there are any themes you would like to see. This is a great opportunity for us all to work together to celebrate SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and raise awareness.

Please can you send ideas to:

Natalie.mcneill@westsussex.gov.uk by Monday 14th March.

As there are sure to be lots of great ideas they may not be able to cover everything you suggest this year, however the plan is for this to be an annual event, so your ideas will be carried over.

Let’s make SEND everyone’s business!

  • Want to know even more about what is happening at West Sussex County Council to help those with SEND? If so then check out the SEND & Inclusion Newsletter!

Where is the Service Spotlight?

Unfortunately I (Keir, Local Offer Officer) have had COVID and have not had the time since my return to write up the conversation between myself and Paul from the Reaching Higher Project in Horsham. This spotlight will now feature in the March edition where you will be able to find out how Reaching Higher Project came about, some of their success stories and all the great plans they have for this year!

Your chance now to tell National Highways to

*** Stop the Arundel Bypass ***

How the Grey route might despoil a beautiful area

Local people speak out at a demo in Walberton

Dear friend and supporter

National Highways have a new consultation running until 8th March. They hope that people who opposed the Grey Route last time will now be tired of saying ‘no’. But will we let will them get away with spending around £500M of our money on their climate-, ecology-, heritage- and communities-busting 8km new road?

Please tell them NO!, and show the politicians that this is a vote-loser! Up until 8th March you have a chance to say “NO!” to the Arundel Bypass by emailing
A27ArundelBypass@highwaysengland.co.uk . They have to report on public opinion. Even just a simple quick email saying you object to the scheme, is a really important contribution.

National Highways have to analyse and show how they will respond to any reasons given for objecting. So, the more reasons you can give, and the more challenging questions you can ask, the better. We have made this easy for you with a bespoke webpage,
How to Respond: a Step by Step Guide, on www.arundelbypass.co.uk/consultation-2022 .


  • From the Stop the Arundel Bypass Campaign:
  • Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee
  • Arundel SCATE
  • Walberton Friends & Neighbours
  • Walberton Highways Working Group
  • Tortington Local Community

Please also keep promoting our Petition in your networks:

Thanks to you we are heading rapidly towards our next signatures target of 6000! Let’s see if we can make it 10,000. The petition asks decision-makers to:

  1. REJECT the Grey route for the Arundel bypass which severs the Arun valley watermeadows, Tortington and Binsted and Walberton villages, our beautiful countryside and rural heritage.
  2. RECOMMEND that another option, less damaging to countryside and villages, should be preferred by the Department for Transport: the Arundel Alternative, a short, wide-single carriageway bypass. The Arundel Alternative provides all we need to keep traffic sufficiently moving — and it doesn’t cost the earth.

Whether you are in favour of the modest, lower-impact Arundel Alternative solution, as most concerned environmental organizations are, or whether you would prefer to see no road-building at all at this time: to prevent the Grey Route being approved by default it is may well in the end be necessary to show that there is an Alternative. More about the Arundel Alternative, twhich would ease the congestion without causing more traffic and hence more carbon emissions, and without ruining our beautiful countryside, is on www.arundelalternative.org.

More about Grey

All on our website www.arundelbypass.co.uk

Here are some Grey Route facts in brief:

What it is: 8km of new four-lane dual carriageway through watermeadows, wetland valley and village landscapes.

How many people said they wanted it, in the 2019 consultation? Only 7% of the public, and no local authorities, no statutory consultees, no environmental organisations.

What’s the benefit? Theoretically 6–11 mins saving for vehicles on this stretch but will make congestion worse at Worthing, Fontwell and Chichester.

What’s the cost? Over budget at £320–455M, so likely to cost half a billion plus

What about the environment and wildlife? Grey destroys and separates habitats and corridors. Woodlands where bats roost are separated from wetlands where they feed — there are 14 species of bats criss-crossing the route. Dormice nest and feed in ancient hedgerows and other habitats across the route; severed populations are at risk of local extinction. Wild species from badgers to water voles are threatened by Grey

What about climate change and air pollution? Grey makes climate change worse for the climate in construction, as the longest route, and worse for the climate in use, as it encourages people to journey more and faster. In a few localities Highways England claim relief of air pollution, but this would add more to air pollution elsewhere.

What about impacts on local people? The new road brings noise and pollution within 150m of Walberton’s primary school. Rat-running traffic through Walberton village will increase enormously, with peak times coinciding with when children are walking to and from school. Residents in the ancient villages of Tortington, Binsted and Walberton and surrounding villages will suffer, with homes lost or blighted, and their landscape beloved of walkers and cyclists ruined by noise and pollution.

What happens next? After this Statutory Consultation, National Highways want to apply to the Planning Inspectorate for a Development Consent Order. They are hoping to start the 3-year construction works in the first half of 2024. We have time to stop them. We will push for a permanent end to this threat with a much more moderate solution to the congestion at Arundel — the Arundel Alternative.

Together we can prevent the environmental, community and climate disaster
of the new major road-building program, including the proposed dual
carriageway A27 Arundel bypass through precious ancient countryside.


Details of the Arundel Alternative are on

The Grey Route & the Arundel Alternative

Above: the routes.
Below: View from the Tortington Oak to Arundel.
The Grey Route would wreck this area, and the lovely Arundel watermeadows south of the castle.

Below: View across the Rife Valley to Binsted’s 12th-century church, whose peace and life the Grey Route would destroy.

Thank you

Your support means a lot to us. We will keep you informed about facts, developments, actions, demonstrations.

We are fighting to protect Arundel’s amazing countryside, and to improve Arundel’s traffic flow sustainably, so we can pass a better world to future generations.

ABNC has been campaigning since the 1980s to protect our important landscapes in Binsted and more widely in Arun District.

Click here to view information and videos on our website.

Protecting your Data

You should only be receiving this newsletter if you have expressed support for ABNC’s campaign, for example through our Petition, and want to be kept informed. We do not use it for marketing any goods or services, nor do we share your contact details with other organizations. If you do not wish to continue receiving these occasional emails, please unsubscribe. Please email us on info@arundelbypass.co.uk if you would like to ask what data we have stored on you, how it was collected, how it is stored and how it is being used to ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulations.

Please share the link www.ipetitions.com/petition/a27-arundel-bypass
to help save our villages and countryside.

Copyright © 2019 ABNC, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:


National Secretary of Fair Play for Children, Also runs Bognor Regis Herald online. Plus runs British Music Radio online

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Jan Cosgrove

Jan Cosgrove

National Secretary of Fair Play for Children, Also runs Bognor Regis Herald online. Plus runs British Music Radio online