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Jan Cosgrove
1 min readDec 28, 2023

28 December 2023

Local residents and Yapton Paris Councillors have worked tirelessly for months against the proposed Boklok development ref Y/52/23/PL for 170 Houses on Land West of Bilsham Rd. Yapton.

by Dilys Lownsborough

They have argued that the prefabricated houses are unsuitable for the area, and that prime agricultural land and ecology would be compromised of it went ahead. That the entire area is liable to flooding and with ensuing sewerage difficulties. There was also no infrastructure to sustain school placements, doctor’s surgeries and shops.

There were 295 rep letters and complaints from residents outlining such difficulties.

Local Arun DC councillors were lobbied continually over many months of consultation.

The ADC Planning department recommended this application, but at the ADC Council Planning meeting in Littlehampton on Nov 15th 2023, the councillors profoundly rejected the application unanimously.

This has been seen as a brave stand and turning point against the march of development that has proved there is currently no need for further housing locally, as existing developments in the Yapton Area have remained unsold for many months.

Boklok have a right of appeal, but it appears that any such action would continue to receive an objection’.



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