15 March 2021

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Regeneration decision week at Arun Council?

by Jan Cosgrove, Editor

This Wednesday could see real progress in the quest for a Regeneration future for Bognor Regis. Oddly enough, this could be because a report to the Council by an Arun Officer where he says he has no idea what Councillors want and asks them to point a direction (but he says he could write another Report ….)

This all comes in the wake of a series of 11 Presentations of ideas to Councillors in early February, and this is the reason for the shortness of his Report, because there are so many ideas.

Enter (maybe), our elected Councillors who could, if they put their minds to it, provide a route map for our Town’s much-needed Regeneration to take us forward for the next 50 years maybe.

Also enter, a report from One Bognor, the organisation behind this newspaper, “waiting for a Future” which sets out options in a plain, straightforward manner (you know, as one would want an Officer’s Report to achieve), it says look at those ideas which are real Regeneration (not just redevelopment in the main like one with 736 flats, or another a revamp of the Regis Centre). Prioritise those with funding and achievable ideas, and who will work with Arun and others who have ideas but no funding.

It also highlights the key role of the 2004 Masterplan for our Town, and the importance of the decision of the Planning Inspector of July 2018 which awarded planning consent to Project Sunrise, for its general application of principles. And it warns Councillors they should not prejudge the situation nor send round emails to one another with alleged facts about projects’ funding etc — that, it says, the for Arun Officers to look into as part of ‘due diligence’.

The Report has been sent to all Arun Councillors and can be accessed HERE

The One Bognor Report also highlights a Q&A asked on its facebook page recently — Bognor Regis: Seaside Report v Town by the Sea. The resulting posts showed clearly for the former but often tinged with the sad word “neglected”.

Resignation Letter of Lib Dem Arun Councillor, Inna Irskine (Pevensey Ward)

From Beryl Kingston, Sussex Author

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