Bognor Regis Herald — 27 August 2022


Form a National Government to deal with present Crisis

by Jan Cosgrove, Editor


Never before have we in the UK faced a Crisis like the one now before us, millions face poverty because of rising energy costs, yet politicians continue to behave as if their party politicking is OK.

That is why I have started a Parliamentary Petition which calls for MPs across all parties to agree that a National Government be set up, with the Prime Minister and other Ministers being from all the Parties. The largest party in Parliament would nominate the Prime Minister and the all the other Ministers would be drawn from all the parties.

The task of this National Government would be to work for long-term, radical solutions which would deal with this energy crisis and could include:

  • Nationalisation of energy suppliers
  • Revised taxation schemes
  • Creation of a National Energy Service where a basic supply would be free at point of use up to a basic level for every home, paid for out of tax
  • A scheme to ensure businesses have affordable energy
  • Massive investment in all technologies that will make the UK energy self-sufficient in the shortest time possible

Here is what it says:

Form a National Government to deal with present Crisis

The people of the United Kingdom are facing an unprecedented crisis in their daily lives because of the rising price of energy and inflation, the wellbeing of millions of families, people is threatened especially the poorest and most vulnerable. MPs must agree to work together across party lines.

Never before have the ordinary people of the UK faced such a crisis, only far-reaching action can deal with the challenges. At this time, MPs have a solemn duty to put aside party politics and to work for real solutions that will tackle the issues of energy supply and prices. This is an immediate challenge, MPs should work to create a National Government which will take the radical action needed to protect families and people. This would last for as long as necessary.


Latest Southern Water Sewage Discharge

For info. 5 hours released into the sea at Littlehampton and 6 hours at Ford Rd, Arundel into the River. I’d like to see Arun commission some analysis of the contents of these discharges, what risk is posed and publish the results.

Derrick Chester

Take a look if you’re concerned about the state of Blake’s Cottage

Beryl Kingston writes …..

Royal Mail staff strike for better pay in Chichester and Bognor Regis

A259 Widening Works delayed — Again

by Derrick Chester

We hear today the projected completion date of the A259 widening works in Littlehampton and Angmering has slipped again, to December this year. The dreaded phrase ‘further utility diversions’ appears again, as that appears to have been the major reason for delay in this project.

Not understanding the location of and type of utility underground in advance, despite extensive survey work, then a difficulty liaising and then agreeing with utility companies on timetabling to move them, compounded by the pandemic.

In the Littlehampton area the A259 works will realise modest improvements, the A259 beyond Highdown Drive westwards will still revert to single file until the Wick roundabout, constrained by properties on either side of the road. At Highdown Drive however the single biggest highway improvement to the area will eventually be realised when the Lyminster Bypass is completed, and which will then provide a route in and out of Littlehampton bridged over the railway avoiding the Lyminster Rd where the level crossing is down the majority of time during the day.

This bridge is already constructed, with Persimmon having completed both the southern section of the Lyminster Bypass and the Fitzalan Link Rd and handed it over. Presently it provides a quick link to and from Littlehampton seafront from the A259, a much quicker and safer route to and from the Hampton Park development in the North of Littlehampton, halfway through construction, and although there is a route through that which will bring you out north of the level crossing onto the Lyminster Rd, it takes you straight through a residential area.

It should be said these highway works incorporate much improved cycle and pedestrian routes too. However what of the rest of it — the northern section, which will eventually link with the Lyminster Rd, just south of Crossbush? The County Council is responsible for that bit, and the website tells us works are ‘at preliminary stage’. However a decision notice issued in July 2022 by the County Council reveals some stark details.

In 2021 when the Department of Transport announced it would be making an £11 million contribution to the scheme the press release told us the total cost was £21.6 million. Incredibly in the decision notice issued last month the total cost is now more than DOUBLE that, at £45.7 million. West Sussex County Council has decided to swallow that increase itself — taking its contribution to £27 million.

The report tells us that the decision to do that will now have a significant impact on the ability to deliver other aspects of its highways capital programme, in particular the realignment of the A29 between Fontwell and Bognor Regis, on which the Local Plan allocation of some 4300 houses in the Barnham, Eastergate and Westergate areas is dependent.

That issue remains unresolved, and with the lack of progress on delivering some of the strategic allocations in the Local Plan leading to communities being punished by Government allowing speculative developments on sites to ‘make up the numbers’. Communities in Yapton through to Barnham have good reason to be aggrieved at the way this is all going.

Protest to be held in Bognor Regis after Southern Water sewage dumps

Historic Chichester pub set to reopen after seven years

Chichester shop owner ‘gutted’ as hackers strike

Littlehampton Wave Life Saving Club member wins place in national Royal Life Saving Society final

Barnham care home requires improvement, latest report says

Electric vehicle charging points in West Sussex: Experts answer your questions

Chichester District Council launches new grant scheme to help communities support Ukrainian refugees

Chichester District Council launch ‘Operation Pearl’ to target illegal shellfish harvesting

Seal Bay Resort donates £5000 to the RNLI’s Selsey Lifeboat

Leisure centres in Littlehampton and Bognor Regis may have to increase prices

Bellway delivers investment of more than £3.5 million in Bognor Regis

Water fountains at Bognor’s £1.5 million Place St Maur project tested

Gatwick Airport: Bognor family miss out on Covid-delayed reunion after Wizz Air flight cancelled

Have your say on Butlin’s plans for a new Bognor Regis Activity Centre

Bognor Pier owners respond to fears that the pier will “fall through”



Picture special — Bognor Regis Town Women take on U16s


Selsey date for Kiki Dee & Carmelo Luggeri — how to get your tickets

Sussex Police and local Councils

Arun Weekly Bulletin 15–21 August 2022

News and appeals

Summer crackdown on drink and drug drivers is underway:

Sussex Police has launched the force’s annual summer crackdown on drink and drug-drivers who put people at risk of harm on our roads.

Officers have already been conducting roadside checks on drivers and in the first week made 50 arrests; where arrests 28 were for offences relating to drug-driving and 22 were for offences relating to drink-driving.

Consuming alcohol or taking drugs is one of the most common causes of collisions which result in someone being killed or seriously injured (KSI collisions) on our roads.

The “fatal five” factors are; drink and drug-driving, driving at excess speed, not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone or being distracted while driving, and driving in a careless, inconsiderate or dangerous manner.

But drivers continue to ignore the dangers, putting their own lives and the lives of other road users at risk.

See more on this:

PCSO shares incredible story of recovery after life threatening crash:

“It left me for dead… but all I knew was that I wanted to get back into uniform.”

A former solider has described his battle to recover from a devastating motorcycle crash, and why the professionalism of a police officer inspired him to join the force.

Mark Ridley, 33, was riding with a passenger on the A27 on Titnore Lane, Worthing, when his vehicle left the road, causing them both serious injuries on September 14, 2014.

Eight years on, Chief Constable Jo Shiner helped Mark, who is a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in Brighton, to be reunited with the Roads Policing Unit (RPU) officer who attended the collision and inspired Mark to seek a career in policing.

See more on this:

Appeal for witnesses to serious collision on A27 near Arundel:

Police are appealing for witnesses to a serious collision on the A27 at Hammerpot near Arundel.

The collision occurred westbound at 6.50am on Saturday (20 August) and involved two vehicles a black Ford Kuga and a white Renault Clio.

Five people were injured, including a passenger in the Ford Kuga who sustained serious injuries. They were all taken to hospital.

See more on this:

Crime Summary:

Bognor -

Stocker Road, Bognor — On the evening of Sunday 14 August a residence was burgled and a handbag was stolen. Serial 0309 15/08.

Canning Road, Bognor — Overnight between Sunday 14 and Monday 15 August a vehicle was broken into. Alcohol, a phone charger and sunglasses were stolen. Serial 0317 15/08.

Waterloo Square, Bognor — On the evening of Monday 15 August a site was burgled and a generator was stolen. Serial 1638 15/08.

Lyon Street, Bognor — On the afternoon of Friday 19 August, several drums of used cooking oil were stolen from outside a premises. Serial 0975 21/08.

Littlehampton, Rustington and surrounding area –

Worthing Road, Rustington — Overnight between Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 July two vehicles were broken into. Sunglasses, football boots and a paddle board were stolen. Serial 0081 19/08.

St Martins Lane, Littlehampton — On Tuesday 9 August a catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle. Serial 0354 15/08.

The Street, Rustington — On the afternoon of Thursday 11 August a business premises was burgled and stock was stolen. Serial 0113 17/08.

Southfields Road, Littlehampton — Overnight between Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 August a residence was burgled and a black Vauxhall Astra was stolen. Serial 0246 16/08.

Fastnet Way, Littlehampton — Overnight between Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 August a residence was burgled. A wallet and handbag were stolen. Serial 0278 16/08.

Bridge Road, Littlehampton — Overnight between Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 August a vehicle was broken into. Serial 0377 17/08.

Wick Street, Wick — Between Thursday 18 and Friday 19 August a vehicle was criminally damaged — all four tyres were let down, a window smashed and the interior of the vehicle was set alight. Serial 0566 19/08.

Arundel, Barnham and surrounding area –

The Street, Clapham — Between Saturday 13 and Monday 15 August a shed was burgled and a car broken into. Several items were stolen including camping equipment and a shield. Serial 0332 15/08.

Cropthorne Drive, Climping — Overnight between Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August a residence was burgled. A silver Ford s-Max and a Red Chrysler were stolen. Both vehicles have since been located and recovered. Serial 0374 21/08.

Mustang Close, Ford — In the early hours of Sunday 21 August two residences were burgled. A black Audi A4 and a silver Vauxhall Insignia were stolen. Both vehicles have since been located and recovered. Serial 0302 21/08.

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Sussex Police donates £10,000 to rape crisis charity Survivors’ Network

Thousands of pounds seized from drug dealer in Worthing

Charlie Burns was back in court over the money he made from class A drugs.


On Tuesday, I visited Hastings to accompany local Inspector Aidan Cornwall and his team on foot patrol through the town centre.

Inspector Cornwall knows the town very well so it was interesting to hear his views on how the Neighbourhood Policing Team is engaging with local people and businesses.

During the walk, I listened to residents, shopkeepers and visitors speak about their concerns and what improvements they would like to see in how the police respond to issues in the town centre.

Much of the anti-social behaviour that people spoke about was conducted by individuals with substance dependencies who are often also living with mental health difficulties.

In order to successfully address this issue and free up police teams to tackle the serious and violent offenders and crimes, we need to understand how people can be best supported with advice, guidance and positive recovery programmes.

Last year, Hastings became a pilot area for ‘Project ADDER’ (Addiction, Disruption, Diversion, Enforcement, Recovery) a government initiative to help the police, local authorities, health and other partners work together to reduce drug-related deaths, offending and the prevalence of drug use.

As part of my visit I met with Iain Boyle, the co-ordinator of the Care Navigation Service for Project ADDER, at the ESRA (East Sussex Recovery Alliance) hub.

He told me about the work his team are doing in partnership with Sussex Police, such as building relationships with those on the streets, sharing information and providing recovering drug users with a safe place where they can establish a foundation on which to build their recovery.

Supporting the wellbeing of officers and staff

In my role as PCC, I oversee the Sussex Police estates. It’s crucial that I provide the Chief Constable, her officers and staff with appropriate, fit for purpose facilities. This includes modernised and energy efficient offices whether that’s for running investigations, for rest and refreshment facilities or to securely store evidence.

Police officers are often the very first people on the scene, dealing with challenging traumatic situations. For officers to protect the public to the best of their abilities, it is important that they are provided with the space and time to debrief and recharge.

Last week, I visited Chichester Police Station which accommodates the recently expanded Southbourne Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT). It was previously identified that this police station had no facilities where officers can go to reflect and relax after a mentally or physically challenging shift.

Due to the recent uplift in officers and the need for more space, I was keen to understand the improvement plans for Chichester Police Station to provide a wellbeing room, re-location and expansion of the locker-room and refurbishment of the NPT meeting room, to support the increased numbers of officers working from this site.

It was reassuring to see the refurbishment taking shape and to meet some of Sussex’s new officers who are keen to play their part in keeping Sussex Safe.

Katy Bourne OBE

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner




National Secretary of Fair Play for Children, Also runs Bognor Regis Herald online. Plus runs British Music Radio online

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Jan Cosgrove

Jan Cosgrove


National Secretary of Fair Play for Children, Also runs Bognor Regis Herald online. Plus runs British Music Radio online